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Reading Zen in the Rocks The Japanese Dry Landscape Garden

Francois Berthier. Reading Zen in the Rocks  The Japanese Dry Landscape Garden Authors:Francois Berthier.
Publisher:University of Chicago Press
Price:1207 rub.

Book Summary:
The Japanese dry landscape garden has long attracted-and long baffled-viewers from the West. While museums across the United States are replicating these "Zen rock gardens" in their courtyards and miniature versions of the gardens are now office decorations, they remain enigmatic, their philosophical and aesthetic significance obscured. Reading Zen in the Rocks, the classic essay on the karesansui garden by French art historian Fran?ois Berthier, has now been translated by Graham Parkes, giving English-speaking readers a concise, thorough, and beautifully illustrated history of these gardens. Berthier's guided tour of the famous garden of Ryoanji (Temple) in Kyoto leads him into an exposition of the genre, focusing on its Chinese antecedents and affiliations with Taoist ideas and Chinese landscape painting. He traces the roles of Shinto and Zen Buddhism in the evolution of the garden and also considers how manual laborers from the lowest classes in Japan had a hand in...

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