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American Landscapes: Treasures from the Parrish Art Museum

Alicia G. Longwell. American Landscapes: Treasures from the Parrish Art Museum Authors:Alicia G. Longwell.
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Book Summary:
* Celebrates 42 landscape paintings from the Parrish Art Museums's extensive permanent collection of American art * Includes examples from the 19th century Hudson River School through to contemporary painters such as Alex Katz, April Gornik and Jane Wilson This vibrant book displays 42 color plates ranging from majestic views to intimate glimpses, all of which contribute to what we have come to think of as a distinctly American vision. American Landscapes contains works by some of the most important figures in the history of American art, including the Hudson River School's Thomas Doughty and Asher B. Durand; European-influenced artists Theodore Robinson, William Lamb Picknell, and William Stanley Haseltine; and artists associated with major American artist colonies such as John Henry Twachtman, John Sloan, and Ernest Lawson. In addition, this volume features important highlights of the museum's unique collection of paintings by artists who lived and worked on Eastern Long...

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