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Painting Landscapes Filled With Light

Dorothy Dent. Painting Landscapes Filled With Light Authors:Dorothy Dent.
Price:2125.2 rub.

Book Summary:
The allure of dramatic lighting in paintings is irresistible for both artist and beholder, but achieving the effect is another matter. In 10 full step-by-step demonstrations, five acrylic and five oil, Dorothy Dent reveals the techniques behind the magic of light-filled landscapes in a variety of light and weather conditions that are reminiscent of Thomas Kincade. Readers will enjoy: -Clear instruction from a true master on the painting of light, a perennially hot topic -Self-critiques by the author showing the importance of those final perfecting touches -Projects with varying levels of difficulty for a wide audience -Introductory chapters to bring beginners up to speed and inspire confidence With Dorothy's expert teaching and coverage of all four seasons, readers will be able to render realistic landscapes using this popular technique!

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