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Forest & Garden: Traces of Wildness in a Modernizing Land, 1897-1949

Melanie Louise Simo. Forest & Garden: Traces of Wildness in a Modernizing Land, 1897-1949 Authors:Melanie Louise Simo.
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Book Summary:
Book Description"In wildness is the preservation of the world," wrote Henry David Thoreau. But how the wild and the managed or artificially arranged environments coexist has been a matter of intense debate among foresters and landscape professionals at least since the era of Frederick Law Olmsted Sr. In Forest and Garden, Melanie L. Simo ranges through a period of landscape history that has been underexamined, between Olmsted and mid-twentieth-century modernism, when the contours of the debate were formed and the landscape professions came of age. Simo's book spans half a century, from the year that Charles Sprague Sargent's influential Garden and Forest magazine ceased publication in 1897 to the appearance in 1949 of two unusual books about land andlandscape--Aldo Leopold's Sand County Almanac and Jens Jensen's The Clearing--that marked the beginning of a new ecological awareness. Forest and Garden covers this middle ground by focusing on the apparent oppositions between...

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