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Afghanistan: Chronotopia : Landscapes of the Destruction of Afghanistan

Afghanistan: Chronotopia : Landscapes of the Destruction of Afghanistan Authors:
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Book Summary:
Book Description Afghanistan has been ravaged by war for more than twenty years; the Soviet Union, the Mujaheddin, the Taliban and the United States have all played their part. Norfolk's powerfully beautiful images reveal utter devastation on a vast and overwhelming scale. Afghanistan is unique, utterly unlike any other war-ravaged landscape. In Bosnia, Dresden or the Somme, for example, the devastation appears to have taken place within one period, inflicted by a small gamut of weaponry. However, the sheer length of the war in Afghanistan, now in its 24th year, means the ruins have a bizarre layering; different moments of destruction lying like sedimentary strata on top of each other. Afghanistan won the Leica-sponsored European Publishers Award for Photography 2002. An exhibition began its US tour in late 2002. Simon Norfolk worked as a photojournalist through the early '90s on projects relating to fascism, the far-right, anti-rascism issues and...

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