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Northern Landscapes : The Struggle for Wilderness Alaska

Daniel Nelson. Northern Landscapes : The Struggle for Wilderness Alaska Authors:Daniel Nelson.
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Book Summary:
Book Description Alaska in the early l950s was one of the world's last great, undeveloped areas. Yet sweeping changes were underway. In l958, Congress awarded the new state over l00 million acres to promote economic development. In l971, it gave Nativegroups more than 40 million acres to settle land claims and facilitate the building of an 800-mile oil pipeline. Spurred by the newly militant environmental movement, it also began to consider the preservation of Alaska's magnificent scenery and wildlife. Northern Landscapes is the first comprehensive examination of the campaign to preserve wild Alaska through the creation of a vast system of parks and wildlife refuges. Drawing on archival sources and interviews, Daniel Nelson traces disputes over resources alongside the politics of the Alaska statehood movement. He provides in-depth coverage of the growth of Alaskan environmental organizations, their partnerships with national groups, and their participation in political...

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